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How to Triple (3X) Your Business Value!!

Why triple (3X) your business valuation?

At first glance, this might seem like an odd question. Of course, every business owner is likely to want to unlock the value created in the business!

However, by understanding what it takes to achieve that superior valuation you will also acquire the key to accelerating your business growth and success.

It's a complete win:win.

Work with me and you will transform your business into:

"A commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you!"

This requires that you transition from working "in" the business to working "on" the business. I work with you as you develop the team that can manage and scale your business operations.

Your time is now freed up to do what you do best--navigate the business towards achieving your vision and your personal and business goals.

As we follow the process your business evolves, growing revenues and profitability. In turn, you are maximizing your business's valuation, granting easier access to expansion capital. When the time comes for your exit or achieve additional expansion capital, your business will prove most attractive to a prospective purchaser, investor, or lender.

In the near term, we will increase your business valuation to 3 times its current value. Guaranteed!

Keep going on your new business trajectory and achieving a 10 times growth in your business value is within reach. Just imagine the improvement that will make in your nest egg!

Why Nigel Elkan?

I am a certified business coach, a seasoned business leader, and a serial entrepreneur. I have founded five business and already achieved three highly attractive exits. I have raised $40+ million in venture funding. And achieved exits worth $200+ million.

I have precisely the knowledge and expertise to enable you to grow your business faster, more profitably, and--when the time comes--achieve an exit route that maximizes the business valuation.

You'll enjoy working with me.

Navigate your course. Achieve your personal and business goals

Although the idea of a business coach may be a new idea to you, most successful business leaders have a business coach, much as successful athletes have their sports coaches.  

As your business coach, I will work with you as you transition from your current phase of business growth, to the next.

Sales will grow faster and will become more profitable. I guarantee it.

You will have more time to plan and execute your business growth.

You will make smarter, better informed, financial decisions.

Your business teams will be more focused, aligned, and trusted.

Your business valuation will increase dramatically, enabling your business to become the market leader in its selected markets

I am your "unreasonable friend" not your banker, attorney, accountant, or family member. I work with you, informing and educating, as you navigate the path to achieve your vision

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